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Who Are the Missional Collective?

We're a growing collective of Christian individuals and organizations that are committed to cultivating a life of experiential neighboring. By providing immersive learning opportunities at the intersection of mission, leadership, justice, and holistic personal transformation, we're expanding the missional imaginations of leaders and laity alike.

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Experience Neighboring in 2023 

Through our upcoming retreats in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, we will partner with you to:

— practice self-care

— build your confidence

— connect with other missional leaders

— strengthen your observation, interview, and listening skills

— discern your cultural influence

— engage scientific methodology

Christopher Fraley

Grounding Practitioner

As a cultural anthropologist, theological practitioner, and ethnographer,  Christopher has conducted grant-funded research on youth and adolescent spiritual formation supported by the On Knowing Humanity Research Center. His research has been published in the peer reviewed, OKH Research Journal.

As an Ordained Minister, Christopher has served the church on both local and state leadership levels. He specializes in using person-centered planning methods, shaped by his work at Neighbors, Inc. by supporting adults with developmental disabilities.


Christopher developed his philosophic framework while earning a B.A. in Theological Studies from Lee University (2013) and honed his ethnographic research methods through an MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology from Eastern University (2020).


Since then, he's developed further skills including User Experience Research, Program Evaluation, Theological Action Research, Auto-ethnography, and congregational studies. You can find him in New Jersey digging into a good book, taking a walk with his three children, or mentoring others with the Phoenix Tribe Wrestling School.

where leaders
& laity grow

Missional Collective is facilitated by Collective Renewal Resource and partnered with the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. All of our journeys take place over shared meals, interactive discussions, historical and theological field trips, personal spiritual direction, and corporate spiritual disciplines.

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